Whether it’s a full home remodel or addition, a kitchen or bath remodel, an attic or basement renovation or a historic preservation, renovation and remodeling projects require a unique skill set. They can come with unforeseen challenges, and in many cases, it’s important to integrate the home’s original charm with new, modern updates. At MBA Builders, we thrive on the challenges that renovation projects present. We have the expertise and experience to anticipate and solve potential conflicts, and the vision to seamlessly marry old and new.

It is especially rewarding to restore the historic homes that Massachusetts is known for back to their former glory – maintaining period charm with a modern twist that meets our clients’ needs. We also love the opportunity to help clients fall back in love with their homes by ensuring it meets their evolving needs and style.

As with our new construction, MBA’s design build process is applied to our smaller scale renovations, remodels and home improvement projects. We provide the same quality, attention to detail and client service whether you are remodeling your kitchen, renovating a bathroom or adding a two-story addition to your existing home.


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