With the prevalence of home design shows, Pinterest and Instagram, home design is more accessible to the everyday homeowner than ever before. This has resulted in many homeowners becoming more aware of and attuned to an elevated sense of design and material quality.

In recent years, homeowners have become much savvier about kitchen features and new technologies being integrated into kitchen appliances. Kitchens are generally the most expensive room in the house to renovate, so if homeowners are going through a kitchen renovation, we find they want to maximize their project budget as much as possible, which usually means higher quality appliances and kitchen cabinetry.

Northeast design aesthetic tends to stay fairly neutral with the kitchen color palette, with lots of whites and grays, usually with a pop of a bold color. We’ve also seen bold, eye-catching light fixtures serve as the standout feature piece(s).

Homeowners are also looking to maximize the functionality and usable space of their kitchens right now. The kitchen has continued to be the center of the home for most, and that usually means having space and seating options for the family to gather and entertain. Since everyone has been spending more of their time at home in the last few years, and cooking more at home, they’ve found that kitchen layout and quality cooking appliances have become very important to the quality of their lives at home.